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Newsbin 6.80 Beta 5, June 21, 2017




  • Download Engine improvements
  • Updated RAR and PAR Processing code
  • Fixes to issues existing in 6.7x versions.
  • Click on "Changes in this Version" tab for more details.

Changes in
this Version

Version 6.80 Beta 5 Build 4909, June 21, 2017

  • Fix for filter sorting. Issue introduced in Beta 4
  • Found and fixed two crash issues
  • Fixed issue with sample files getting included in main rar set in some cases.
  • Fix issue compacting some styles of mp3 posts.
  • Fixed issue retrieving and using password from NZB file when it exists.
  • Improved MD5 detection.
  • Improved compaction to handle new style of file counters.
  • Improved efficiency ih downloading headers.
  • Sped up exit processing
  • Fixed issue where encrypted sets with no valid password would keep trying to unrar but never fail - now goes to failed list.


Version 6.80 Beta 4 Build 4879, June 1, 2017

  • XFeatures command is now disabled by default. Too many security software packages conflict with it. If you want to use XFeatures, you should have your security software ignore Newsbin then enable it under Options -> Servers -> Really Advanced. If you don't know what XFeatures is then you probably aren't going to miss it. :)
  • Fixed crash issue when searching other files for PARS.
  • Updated RAR library
  • Turned on sorting for the Filter Profile Dropdown in Group Properties.

Version 6.80 Beta 2 Build 4847, May 2, 2017

  • Fixed issue with the Read Post Body function (Ctrl-R) and getting the first chunk first.
  • Fixed problem with Internet Search results for small files. Was losing some data.

Version 6.80 Beta 1 Build 4841, April 24, 2017

  • Fixed issue where Newsbin couldn't download if there was an illegal filename in subject.
  • Fixed issue where the "Look in Groups" dropdown in a Watch Topic wasn't remembering the Group chosen and defaulted to searching all newsgroups.
  • Removed confirmation prompt when performaing a "Mark All Old" since it is non-destructive and reversable.
  • Fixed issue in AutoPar when the first par2 file is corrupt. Now triggers other par downloads.
  • Now compacts all NZB records that come from Sonarr or SickBeard to solve issue displaying post sets with obscured filenames.
  • Fixed issue where automatic assemble incompletes wasn't working correctly.
  • Resolved intermittent stalling issue when retries fail.
  • Reduced logging in some cases. Caused the disks to get hammered.
  • NZB Autoload no longer looks at rar files larger than 5MB. There is no limit in the size of NZB files
  • Change AutoPAR to go ahead and unrar 0 byte files. Sometimes they are meaningful files.
  • The performance option "Fail Chunks with bad yEnc Formats" is now on by default. Most are correct these days. Bad ones are usually spam.
  • In cases where the yEnc filename doesn't contain an extension now uses the filename from the Subject.
  • Change in the download engine to download raw data and send to decoder after the fact instead of processing on the fly.
  • Speed and reliabilty enhancements to yEnc, Mime, and UU decoding functions since they are now decoupled from the download engine.


  • Download lists from versions older than 6.60 are not compatible.
  • Last Updated timestamp in the Groups tab is one hour off when Daylight Savings Time is in force.
  • Auto-shutdown will close Newsbin while headers are still importing in the background. Determined to be annoying but not critical as the import will continue once Newsbin is started again.
  • Report that utf8 and unicode posts are not displaying correctly, i.e. Korean groups
  • Manually entered group as a Watch List filter does not work. Can only choose Group of Group folders here.
  • NBRemote hangs on last file when displaying files list
  • NBRemote does not work with trial keys
  • Need to add support for .REV files
  • Drag and Drop to order the Groups list in the Groups tab is not hooked up, nor can you column sort the groups. Workaround is to edit the .nbi file directly.
  • There have been reports that Newsbin isn't saving the correct renamed files to descript.ion file.
    Newsbin renames the file on disk and then lands the file. Without re-writing the descript.ion, there's no way to fix this.
  • Works on Windows XP and newer.
  • Crosspost filters in the Add Groups dialog are not hooked up.

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