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Version 6.56

Released March 8, 2015

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Previous Versions: If you are looking for an older version of Newsbin, check the Newsbin Archives.

Alternate Installer: If the Internet based installer is failing on your machine, try this Alternate Newsbin Installer. It contains both the 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Newsbin.

License Agreement: The Newsbin License Agreement can be viewed here.


  • TLS Support (Secure connections, like SSL).
  • New Watch feature. Configure Newsbin to pull out items of interest during header downloads.
  • New Priority scheme for configuring multiple news servers.
  • Supports RAR5 archives
  • Ability to open multiple Search tabs. Hit the Search icon in the toolbar to open a new tab.
  • Ability to launch post unrar processing scripts.
  • Provides the ability to download parts of a post to one drive and have them assembled to another. Useful if you want to minimize I/O bottlenecks by downloading to a fast internal drive then save the assembled files on larger external media like a NAS.
  • Optimizations for downloading to SSD drives
  • Uses new hashing code. Seems to solve the rare problem where Newsbin and quickpar don't agree on the hash value
  • If you have two unique Regular Expressions with a space between them, it'll AND the results.
  • Intermediate NB2 files are no longer used.
  • New logic to verify all downloaded files even without pars so it won't download dup files ever.
  • Startup checking is much faster, like if you exit with large sets in the download list.
  • Compacts more posting styles
  • The "Small File Filter" is now disabled by default (Show PAR/NFO)
  • Unnecessary files in the data folder gets purged on startup now.
  • Now supports SMTP authentication for email notifications.
  • New toolbar icons, should be prettier.
  • Internet Search results now have special icons showing password protected files and potential spam files.
  • Improved spam filters allow you to hide password protected and spam files from your search results list.
  • Performance enhancements and upgrade to latest version of sqlite for the working databases.
  • New icon on toolbar to toggle automatic shutdown mode on/off
  • Compaction scheme now pulls in .nfo, .sfv, .srr files into the set.
  • Shows a special icon when a .nfo file exists in the set. Look for a small "i" in a circle, like an information icon.
  • Read Post Body (ctrl-r) on a set now reads first chunks of one rar, one par, and any .nfo or .sfv files.
  • If an NZB file includes password information for the rar file, Newsbin can now extract and use it.
  • Improved speed when downloading from servers with the "Typical Retention" setting being used.

Tech Notes:

  • When downloading, all the chunks go to a common folder in the data folder.
  • When downloading headers, all the updates are sent to a common folder and not "per group".
  • Only 2 downloading modes, fully buffered in memory or chunks in the common folder.
  • The chunks folder is only used if the memory cache has to be flushed.
  • Current in memory chunks get flushed out.
  • Concept of Fill Servers has changed. There is no specific "Fill Server" option to set now. Lower priority servers will only get used if all higher priority servers have failures.
  • Any error downloading a PAR2 file automaticlaly triggers the next par2


The installer now allows you to set the default layout and specify a different data folder. To keep your settings unchanged, do not select any of these options. The default upgrade install will give you the new version of Newsbin and retain all your prior settings. Do not uninstall Newsbin first, just run the installer. It will detect your current version and retain the settings.

There may be a delay the first time you update groups due to reindexing of the header database.

Configuration Changes:

  • You may need to adjust your server settings upon upgrade if you are running with multiple servers. Servers with priority 1 get used first. If multiple servers have priority 1, they will be used an equal amount of time. Set fill servers to 2 or more. The higher the number, the later it'll be used. If you have one or more priority 1 servers, any servers set as priority 2-10 will only be used if all priority 1 servers fail.
  • Download list conversion from 6.42 or prior may take awhile if you had a large download list. It will happen the background without feedback. If Newsbin won't connect, go get a cup of coffee and come back later.

Bug Fixes in 6.55

  • Fixed crash issue that might happen when processing headers in the background (importing GZ's.)
  • Note: Version 6.55 will NOT run on Windows 98 or Windows 2000.


Newsbin is available in many languages!

Supported Languages:

Chinese Czech Danish
Dutch French German
Italian Japanese Korean
Norwegian Polish Portuguese
Romanian Serbian Slovak
Spanish Swedish Thai

These translations are available due to the hard work of many volunteers. Not all translations are complete. Check our Translation Wiki to see the status of your language. If your language is not 100%, consider volunteering to help translate it.


  • New to Usenet
  • Using Newsbin for the First Time
  • Installation Guide
  • Full Version 6 Documentation is available.
  • Visit our forums for extra help and information using Version 6.
  • Technical Support is available via our technical support request form.
  • Installers are Internet based. A version of the installer containing the executable files is available here.
  • Uninstalling Newsbin: The installer includes an uninstaller program. To uninstall, go to the Windows Start menu, select "Newsbin6" then select "Uninstall". The uninstaller gives you an opportunity to provide comments back to us and will fully remove Newsbin from your system.
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