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    March 8, 2015

    Version 6.56 Production Release...

    We have released version 6.56 as the official production version. The only change is addition of TLS support for secure connections. You can download it from the Newsbin Download Page.

    Newsbin Pro downloads files from Usenet Newsgroups as fast as your internet connection will allow.

    Try an anonymous 10 Day Free Trial or sign up for an Extended Trial Key good for 15 days including access to our Usenet Search service.

    A key to Newsbin costs as little as $20 with free upgrades for life! If you purchase one year of our Usenet Search Service for $30, the key is free.

    If you want to download files from Usenet with a minimum of hassles, Newsbin is the tool for you. More Info

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Newsbin 6.60 Beta 14, May 22, 2015

The 32 and 64 bit versions are in the same installer. Download
NOTE: Clear your Download List before installing. More info below.


  • Watch Lists can now be configured to make use of our Usenet Index through the Usenet Search interface. Requires a subscription to our Internet Search service. Documentation here
  • All SSL connections are now TLS 1.0 instead of SSLv3. Drops back to SSL if the news server doesn't support TLS
  • Now supports SickBeard/SickRage and Sonarr. Go under the Options menu and look for "Remote NZB Source Settings".
    Instructions are in the Newsbin Forums
  • New Watch list interface.
  • Simplified Filter Configuration Screen.
  • Download List and Files List now perform a paged loading. It does not load the entire list from the DB, only what is needed to display.
  • Improved AutoPAR functionality, better repair capabilities.
    - A second retry will trigger a PAR to download to keep things going.
    - If 98% of files have downloaded, and PAR2 files exist, the first retry will trigger assembly.
    - If Newsbin retries with less than 98% of files already downloaded, it will continue retrying until 90% of files are downloaded.
  • NOTE:
    The database that tracks the Download List has changed! Anything prior to 6.60 Beta 1 is not compatible!
    It is recommended that you clear your current download list before trying the beta.

Changes in
this Version

Version 6.60 Beta 14 Build 4056, May 22, 2015

  • Fixed auto-download mode for Watch List items in Search Engine mode.
  • Addressed issue where artifacts would display on the screen when toggling filters on a large post list. Not perfect but better than it was.
  • Fixed Local Search on poster function.
  • Fixed issue where Download List find wasn't populating the drop down.
  • Added the enable filters button back to toolbar.
  • Adjusted width of the "find" box to make room for more toolbar.
  • Now uses the subject returned by Search in the download list, not the subject data from the post.
  • Fixed issue where Files were showing par state and not download state during download
  • Fixed issue in Watch tab. If you load, then subsearch and hit enter, it wouldn't re-display the data
  • Fixed hang when you press tab in search tab search combo box
  • Fixed issue where Ctrl-R wasn't pulling all the single parters from obscure sets.
  • Fixed error response to Sonarr for "Addurl".
  • Fixed issue with Posting
  • Fixed issue deleting files from the files list that were renamed during unrar.
  • Fixed crash issue that could occur if you close a tab and there is still background processing going on that needs access to it.
  • Fixed issue where the files list sometimes stops updating.
  • Fixed issue where you can't add the same file to download even if it's removed from the list.
  • Fixed issue with search results not becoming complete if the first search returned an incomplete.
  • Made changes so a CTRL-R of the post and download of the posted file can be queued at the same time.
  • Fixed issue where disabling servers from main menu wasn't re-painting the servers tab.
  • Fixed issue where resizing images would lock up at certain resoulutions when displaying comics.
  • Changed to how new files are counted. Only really new files are counted now. Files that get updated with new data aren't counted.
  • Make sure that path adornment is being stripped off for Sonarr.
  • Re-did how headers are sent to HTTP clients.
  • Some changes to header loading to improve responsiveness.
  • Sonarr now correctly handles when Newsbin reports files failed to download.
  • Hardened header import logic.
  • Changed from GZ import files to text import files. It will import both types.
  • Change to how chunk cache flushes. It always flushes out at least 10%.


Version 6.60 Beta 13 Build 4012, May 4, 2015

  • Fixed Compaction issue. Was putting too much together in some cases.
  • Sonarr Support: Implemented pause, resume, delete and clear for history and queue. Also hooked up use of API key.
  • Now cleans up and validates paths before writing them whensetting options.
  • Cleaned up unrar paths having path variables like $(GROUP) on failure.
  • Now makes sure the unrar path set in Remote NNZB always has a trailing slash.
  • Now makes sure an unrar path is always set with NZB fileanme trailer when using Sonarr
  • Improvements to Download Groups list
  • Fixed issue when all chunks fail, the main progress bar wasn't going red

Version 6.60 Beta 12 Build 4008, April 28, 2015

  • Modified compaction logic to handle a new posting style
  • Tweek to compactor to keep subs as well as samples out of the compact set.
  • Fixed issue where age filter wasn't working if post list remains open more than 24 hours and headers keep getting updated.
  • Fixed issue where double-clicking a custom list required at least one server to have header downloads enabled even though it doesn't access headers.
  • Reorganized Download list right-click menu.
  • Implemented dynamic font color change in server list. Switches between white and black depending on server color.
  • Made some changes to posting dialog.
  • Make sure that $(XXX) are never sent down to sonarr. Full path or nothing.

Version 6.60 Beta 11 Build 3995, April 24, 2015

  • Sonarr support seems to be fully functional, needs testing. Errors are not reported properly but it otherwise seems to be working well.
  • Fixed Local search, it got broken in B9
  • Address issue probing large groups for record range.
  • Added logic to better display some posting styles that weren't getting compacted into one line properly representing the file.
  • No longer promotes existing files to new if additional headers show up for a file that has already been "read".
  • When using overlap, only set existing posts "new" if the new post actually was new to the file.
  • Fixed performance issue processing picture groups during header update of groups with > 100,000 posts on the post list.
  • Fixed issue where Newsbin would render thumbnail images in the background even if thumbnail tab was closed. Now only renders if the thumbnail tab is open (does not have to have focus).
  • Fixed issue where sorting with "show filenames" on was sorting on complete subject instead.
  • Fixed issue where double-clicking a watch topic without a server configured for header downloads would report a no server error.
  • Fixed issue with auto-shutdown mode and Newsbin not allowing the PC to enter sleep mode.

Version 6.60 Beta 10 Build 3974, April 20, 2015

  • Fixed issue searching in groups, was not passing up group info in some cases.
  • Fixed folder modes when downloading MP3 files with PAR files
  • Added spaces around "-" in some filename modes
  • Fixed issue where empty groups get tried over and over instead of failing.
  • Fixed issue where icon and color of a failed file remains normal instead of showing as failed.
  • Fixed issue when adding a file to the download list from the wish list (ctrl-e) was always adding to the top of the list.
  • In the download list, now shows repair blocks in total PAR blocks.
  • Fixed issue during header download, if only one group is listed, the counts weren't counting up.
  • Fixed issue where duplicate files were appearing in the download list when a retry happens in some cases.
  • Fixed potential crash bug when loading the download list.

Version 6.60 Beta 9 Build 3967, April 11, 2015

  • Fixed issue downloading posts when the first part is missing.
  • Added bold fonts in server tab. Only servers with assigned colors get bold right now, that's a bug.
  • Fixed issue where font caching was not allowing all windows to show new font when a new font is selected.
  • Fixed issue where Newsbin would consume unexpected amounts of RAM. Turned out to be due to headers for specific posts that were posted in an unexpected manner.
  • Major performance improvement for processing headers in the background.
  • Swapped download list progress bar colors so now yellow for repairing and green for unpacking.
  • Can now check number of remaining searches for the Usenet Search service under Help/About.
  • Added additional columns to the Servers tab to track Missing vs. Downloaded parts to posts in the future. (No data yet)
  • Server color extends across the whole line in the Server tab now.
  • Sort order of the filter profiles in the drop down is no longer case dependant
  • Fixed issue when selecting files in the files list, the selection line was moving if more files get added to the list.
  • Fixed issue where displaying the download list could stall briefly.
  • Fixed issue where child downloads (in expanded tree) were not switching to downloaded state as they download.
  • Fixed issue where file status wasn't getting updated in the post list.
  • Changed header import folder gz file naming to make them sort properly chronologically.
  • Unrar and repair progress pars now render closer to real time
  • Looked into report that changing the font doesn't change the groups list font too. Seems to be working.
  • Fixed issue where loading a set with incomplete files sometimes wouldn't show as incomplete until expanded.
  • Fixed issue when deleting download list entries before they render, the files weren't unchecked in the post list.
  • Fixed the Reset Display Layout on Restart function.
  • Implemented Sonarr support. Now accepts NZB files from Sonarr.
  • Changes so any download 99.5% or more does not get rounded up to 100%
  • Changes to make the Download list items update closer to real time.
  • Fixed issue with Display update for single unexpanded items.
  • Fixed issue where Watch list group filter dropdown had dups in it.
  • Fixed issue where assigning a new path in the wish list doesn't show the new path.
  • Fixed issue where Incomplete but assembled files weren't getting deleted.
  • Fixed issue when moving to the top in the files list, the item selection is lost.
  • Can now set the search interval for Watch Lists using the Search database. Under Options/Switches
  • Logging to a text file now maxes out at 10MB, makes a copy of the file, then keeps logging. Only keeps one copy then recycles.
  • Fixed issue where forcing download (ctrl-y) from failed file list wasn't getting rendered even though it was getting downloaded.
  • Changed unrar color to be yellow.

Version 6.60 Beta 8 Build 3906, March 25, 2015

  • Watch function works on either headers or Newsbin Internet Search now.
  • Fixed issue with AutoPAR setting not being honored "Use internal RAR timestamps"
  • Newsbin created NZB files were missing the traditional NZB boiler plate.
  • Fixed issue where Ctrl-R was leaving the items in the post lists checked.
  • Made change so if there is a Search error when expanding search results in the search list, the error will pop up.
  • Fixed issue where files that used to be in the download list caused the display to show "checked" in post list.
  • Fixed crash bug if you select and delete an expanded set.
  • Added "SearchInterval" .nbi setting to control how often periodic search will check the configured watches. Set it under the [SEARCH] tag in the .nbi file. Default is 60 minutes. It will ignore any settings < 30 minutes.
  • Fixed issue where ctrl-y (force download) isn't working when queuing from the failed list.
  • Fixed issue showing size of selected items in the wish list.
  • Fixed Download List order problem. Displayed order wasn't the same as internal order.
  • Changes to improve rendering speed of items in the lists.
  • Fixed issue with Pause
  • Fixed issue where clicking Properties from right-click menu on watch parent wasn't bringing up options
  • Fixed issue where group filters in Search could get cleared from the keyboard without clearing the filter internally.
  • Fixed issue where an expanded set that gets sent to the failed list wasn't compacted first.
  • Fixed issue where timestamps of an expanded set were not being correct if the file was paused.
  • Fixed progress display on header downloads, wasn't accurate.
  • Experimental: From Search, now uses your seach term in the same places the NZB Filename would be used. For example the $(NZBFILE) path variable.
  • Fixed issue where you would lose files is you queued a bunch of them (> one screen full) from the failed or wish list into the download list.
  • Server list in the Servers tab is now sorted in priority order.
  • Servers in server list can be collapsed or expanded to see individual connections
  • Show Filenames has been hooked up.
  • Fixed issue renaming files from the files list.
  • Now processes backlogged headers from the Import folder in chronological order because showing newly imported posts ignores display age.
  • Fixed issue with Mark New
  • Fixed sort on Status column in Post list.
  • Fixed issue converting a test download to a real download.
  • Fixed issue where single file RARS with a PARID wouldn't leave the download list.
  • Fixed issue where deleting from the download list wasn't deleting partial downloads.
  • Changes in how download list entries are rendered.
  • Changes in AutoPAR to sure files from all folders are copied back into the folder the PAR files are in.
  • Changes in AutoPAR when moving files to the PAR folder, now updates the autopar DB to indicate the new folder location and deletes any empty folders
  • Disabled Downloaded.db3 checking upon startup. It was taking too long for people with large download lists. It is a tradeoff, might be temporary.
  • Fixed issue in Add Filters screen where deleting a block of filters wasn't clearing selection
  • Added a delete option to the filter right click menu.
  • Fixed issue when posting groups of files, the file counter wasn't counting up.
  • Fixed issue with Parless QPMS (QuickPar-MasterSplitter) files not assembling.
  • Make sure RAR and MasterSplitter sets that do not have associated PAR files get deleted after processing.
  • Changed Show Filename Mode in the download list to show the NZB Filename and actual filename.

Version 6.60 Beta 8 Build 3845, February 27, 2015

    Fix for not re-using the newest chunks. Was causing high memory usage in some cases.
  • Fixed crash issue found when Typical Retention is used

Version 6.60 Beta 6 Build 3837, February 26, 2015

  • Fixed issue that might explain and fix packet loss observed under high load.
  • Fixed issue where counter for new headers and last access time weren't working.
  • Removed probe option from the menus. Ctrl-R does what probe did.
  • Fixed a significant performance problem when using server priorities and the higher server priorty generates a bunch of errors. Could see as much as double the performance in these cases.
  • Fixed crash bug in GZ Compressor. Would crash if no data was present to compress.
  • Fixed issues with database compaction
  • Fixed possible issue if you manually enter groups in the group filter.
  • Fixed issue remembering last search column sort across starts.
  • Fixed issue where the download path in the groups list was incorrect. Tied to grabbing from Group of Groups folder settings.
  • Fixed issue where Ctrl-P wouldn't clear out the posters in the list.
  • Fixed issue when adding a server to the server tab, it wasn't automatically becoming active.
  • Fixed issue deleting newly added servers.
  • Fixed redraw issues that occurred when typing in single chars into search find box.
  • Fixed issue where Ctrl-R would sometimes load the binary parts of some of the decodes into wordpad.
  • Fixed the Test Download function.

Version 6.60 Beta 5 Build 3826, February 20, 2015

  • Added "Download Groups" to both server options and right click in the groups menu.
  • Fixed issue where Internet Search was not passing up some filters.
  • Fixed issue where a search error wouldn't drop the progress bar.
  • Fixed Global filter applying to compacted sets
  • Fixed issues processing MP3 sets. Some files were hanging around in the download list.
  • Fixed issue where wrong unrar path was getting used if Newsbin got restarted during a download.
  • Fixed issue where Lone NZB Files and completed single part file would linger in the download list.
  • Fixed issue where SFV files from MP3 sets were getting duplicated on retry in the download list.
  • Improvements to AutoPAR when processing par sets that are separate from their rar set.
  • Fixed issue using the $(SUBJECT) path variable in the group unrar path. Properties was showing the unrar path without the subject.
  • Fixed issue where the $(SUBJECT) path variable was doubling up in filename expansion.
  • Made change so the Group Folder properties take precidence over per group properties. Applies to headers, nzb's and search
  • Enabled servers now bubble up to the top of the Server Tab. Disabled servers move to the bottom.
  • Fixed issue showing proper unrar/repair progress.
  • Fixed issue with progress bars not reflecting status of previously downloaded files after restart.
  • Fixed issue with display of UnRAR progress percentage after restart.
  • Internal changes so file assembly has less impact download speed for other files still being downloaded.
  • Fixed issue with deleted files re-appearing on a sort. They were getting deleted from the screen but not the DB
  • Made changes to prevent the download list from stalling the GUI
  • Internal improvements for processing headers in the background.
  • Change to make sure progress text matches colors correctly.
  • Fixed issue where AutoPAR wouldn't kick in if a file in a compacted set was filtered out due to a global filter.
  • Removed lookahead in the download list.
  • Implemented more aggressive assemble incompletes functionality.
  • Changed retry mechanism. If a download has been retrying and then gets moved to the botton and goes idle, it'll reset the retries back to the beginning when it's next referenced.
  • Fixed issue with Autopar where the set wouldn't complete if there was a single bad PAR file
  • More work on getting NBRemote interface fully functional again.
  • Fixed issue with download order on restart.
  • Fixed issue where local search couldn't be cancelled.
  • Fixed issue in the Search tab where hide old didn't apply on initial search but did when you do a dropdown.
  • Added "Delete from Download" back to the download list menu.
  • Fixed issue where RARS with no PARS wouldn't unrar.
  • Fixed issue where Local search loses progress bar after first update.
  • Changes to prevent display age dropdown from aborting an existing load.

Version 6.60 Beta 4 Build 3788, February 4, 2015

  • Fixed issue where not all files deleted after unrar were removed from the files list.
  • Fixed Local Search
  • Fixed issue where Local and Global filters weren't operating on meta files.
  • Now splits meta files (.nfo, .sfv) out of compacted sets before sending them to the download list.
  • Fixed NBRemote interface. Should mostly work now.
  • Made changes to speed up deletions from the lists
  • Fixed focus issue in the lists.
  • Fixed issue where manual unrar wouldn't unrar to the specified folder
  • Changes to make sure password dialog pops up if a password is needed for unrar that doesn't already exist in the password list.

Version 6.60 Beta 3 Build 3755, January 26, 2015

  • Installer includes the multi-core par repair DLL again.
  • Fixed issue where registration wouldn't work in some cases
  • Fixed issue with auto-shutdown happening prematurely.
  • Fixed issue where the Clear button in scripts wouldn't clear the script.
  • Fixed issue when using the delete key to delete files from the Files list was also deleting from disk. Now just deletes from the list. Use shift-delete to delete files from the list and from disk.
  • Fixed issue adding posts to a Custom list.
  • Worked on Download to folder named for subject and "$(SUBJECT)" mode. Was giving strange results sometimes.
  • Upgraded to latest OpenSSL 1.0.2.
  • Turned on SSL Zlib compression for search data. Should speed up expanding large files and adding large files to the download list
  • Fixed counter issue on Server tab. It was counting all entries but should only count the servers.
  • Added delete buttons to the Wish List and Failed List tabs.

Version 6.60 Beta 2 Build 3750, January 24, 2015

  • Removed gridlines option from all menus except main view menu
  • Made more performance improvements for compacting expanded download list.
  • Fixed issue where Watch list size dropdowns were empty.
  • Fixed issue where opening the watch from a specific watch wouldn't set it correctly, so any settings were getting cleared when you hit OK.
  • When opening watch options from right click, now selects the specific watch option.
  • Hooked up Mark All Old from a post list as well as Auto-Mark Old.

Version 6.60 Beta 1 Build 3733, January 19, 2015

  • All SSL connections are now TLS 1.0 instead of SSLv3. Drops back to SSL if the news server doesn't support TLS
  • Now supports SickBeard. Go under the Options menu and look for "SickBeard Integration".
  • New Watch list interface.
  • Simplified Filter Configuration Screen.
  • Download list and Files list now performs a paged loading. It does not load the entire list from the DB, only what is needed to display.
  • Improved AutoPAR functionality, better repair capabilities. - A second retry will trigger a PAR to download to keep things going. - If 98% of files have downloaded, and PAR2 files exist, the first retry will trigger assembly. - If Newsbin retries with less than 98% of files already downloaded, it will continue retrying until 90% of files are downloaded.
  • NZB filenames are now delimited in the download list with greater than/less than signs, i.e. <blah.nzb> .
  • Created different defaults for both Grid lines and background color.
  • Changed the watch list icon.
  • The Add Filter dialog has been re-designed
  • Incomplete status has priority over Info status for posts.
  • Increased the number of entries in the Search History dropdown list.
  • Made changes to bypass "delete to recycle bin" for some newsbin specific files, like chunk files
  • NZB pathing changes. $(GROUP) and Nzbfile modes are now mutually exclusive.
  • Rewrite of notification functionality (growl and sickbeard)
  • Removed switch to load NZB to post list during startup on TCP interface loader. It always loads to download list now in those to cases.
  • Perform database integrity check on startup. Could be slow if you have a really big (like 1000's of files) download list.
  • AutoPAR changes to better manage PAR2 files and keep context over restarts.
  • Fixed issue with NZB load filters containing spaces in the name not being applied.
  • NZB Load filter now applies twice. - First at the file level to remove files that don't match the subject filter. - Second at the combined file level to handle compacted sets.
  • Upgraded pathing selection in NZB Watch to be consistent with other places.
  • Spruced up the Notification window
  • Made change so saved chunks are deleted as soon as an assembly completes.
  • Added NZB Filename to post processing script parameters.
  • Fixed issue with right-click/Delete not working for the Image DB.
  • Can now edit paths inline instead of having to hit the Change button first.
  • If an NZB was used to load a file set, now shows the NZB in the download list entry with the subject.
  • Changed when looking for RAR'd or zipped NZB files to make sure to only look at part #1's
  • Now renders the path in the download list instead of showing $() values
  • Change to not rename pars if autopar is disabled
  • If Newsbin has to use the default download path, strip off any path variables before using it
  • Can now select a download location for the watch topics feature
  • Can now specify download and unrar folder per GOG or group.
  • Group options now use the same "Change" path picker as main download list.
  • Options to disable NZB and UNRAR paths have been removed. You either have a path set or you don't.


  • Download list from older versions isn't compatible.
  • Manually entered group as a Watch List filter does not work. Can only choose Group of Group folders here.
  • Column sort in downloads wish and failed isn't hooked up. You can move but, not sort.
  • NBRemote hangs on last file when displaying files list
  • NBRemote does not work with trial keys
  • Status column in Search results does not reflect "downloading" status. Goes straight to "downloaded" when queued.
  • Cannot drag and drop groups in the Groups tab for ordering
  • Need to add support for .REV files
  • Drag and Drop to order the Groups list in the Groups tab is not hooked up, nor can you column sort the groups. Workaround is to edit the .nbi file directly.
  • There have been reports that Newsbin isn't saving the correct renamed files to descript.ion file.
    Newsbin renames the file on disk and then lands the file. Without re-writing the descript.ion, there's no way to fix this.
  • Works on Windows XP and newer.
  • Crosspost filters in the Add Groups dialog are not hooked up.

    Our Beta Support Forum has current discussions about this beta release.

    If you have an issue not addressed in the forums, please contact Newsbin Technical Support

After my news provider ceased supplying News Rover, I looked for an alternative program to handle NZB files. Having tried several, I've decided to go with Newsbin Pro. It's better than others that I've tried, including News Rover. J.N., Surrey, Great Britain - August 10, 2014