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Newsbin 6.82 Beta 3, March 5, 2019




  • Improved handling of obfuscated posting styles that have no extentions
  • Improved integration with Sonarr and NZBHydra
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Changes in
this Version

Version 6.82 Beta 3 Build 5090, March 5, 2019

    NOTE: Will not run on XP machines.

  • Fixed issue where column sizes would not save on high DPI screens.
  • Changed the "Load NZB" button to always load into a post list. People were unhappy with it honoring the "Download Loaded NZBs" option.
  • Made format changes to Ctrl-R results, now quotes found filenames.
  • Added option to choose to apply or not apply filters on manually loaded NZB files. It's under Options -> Settings -> NZB Options.


Version 6.82 Beta 2 Build 50??, 2019

  • Didn't happen. Internal testing only.

Version 6.82 Beta 1 Build 5088, December 27, 2018

    NOTE: Will not run on XP machines.

  • Fixed issue with unrar path used by Sonarr.
  • Fixed issue with Sonarr not including "Content Length" in requests.
  • Update reported version to match latest SAB.
  • Verified that "Delete all" from queue and history actually does both.
  • Fixed issue accepting URL's from NZBHydra. Differing opinion on when to URL encode forward slashes as specified in the RFC.
  • Fixed issue where Newsbin was not following redirected URL's received by NZBHydra. Sonarr sends direct URLs.
  • Changes to support obfuscated posts with no extensions. As reported in this forum thread
Heard about from a friend. Watched him use it and it looks awesome. K.H., Carlisle, Pennsylvania - February 14, 2017