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Newsbin 6.62 Release Candidate 2, November 10, 2015


NOTE: If upgrading from a pre-6.60 version, clear your Download, Failed, and Wish Lists before installing.


  • Changes to assembly mode to behave better when watch lists queue incomplete files
  • NOTE:
    If upgrading from a version prior to 6.60, you should clear your current download, failed, and wish lists before trying the beta.

Changes in
this Version

Version 6.62 Release Candidate 1 Build 4356, November 10, 2015

  • Made change to show raw speed of Header Downloads instead of the effective datarate. Was confusing people.
  • Fixed issue with automatic assembly of marginal file sets.
  • Made changes to reduce the chance of spurious PAR downloads.
  • Fixed some file download completion calculations. Were a couple percentage points off.


Version 6.62 Release Candidate 1 Build 4351, November 6, 2015

  • No longer shows extra NZB filename info if "Show Filenames" is enabled
  • Minor wording changes for consistency.

Version 6.62 Beta 4 Build 4337, October 28, 2015

  • Fixed issue where Subs would combine with the main set. Some posters are using a different format for identifying subs posts.
  • Now sends a file to the Failed Files tab if all PAR files download and there still aren't enough blocks to reliably make a repair.
  • Fixed issue with strict yEnc mode. One path through the code wasn't failing one failure mode.
  • Implemented more reliable message-id checking
  • Tweaked mechanism for grabbing embedded passwords in NZB files if they exist.

Version 6.62 Beta 3 Build 4321, October 22, 2015

  • Fixed another issue processing SRR files.
  • Now forces assembly when retries run out and all PAR files were downloaded.

Version 6.62 Beta 2 Build 4318, October 20, 2015

  • Fixed crash issue when SRR contains files larger than 64K.
  • Fixed issue where Ctrl-R (Read Post Body) would hang out in the download list with a red bar if the post had no file data or if the server was in "Body" mode. Now shows encoded data if it can't find anything else.

Version 6.62 Beta 1 Build 4314, October 16, 2015

  • Changed how aggressive assembly mode works, now tied to the retry counter. After retries run out on an incomplete post, Newsbin will assemble.
  • Added option to turn on strict yEnc. It is off by default now.
  • Fixed issue where small single post non-files were not incrementing the retry counter.
  • Fixed issue where a connection failure when performing an Internet Search would display the wrong error.
  • Fixed the ability to create an NZB from wish list.
  • Fixed issue loading GZ encoded NZB's. It was broken.
  • Fixed issue where the "Show Filenames" setting was not being honored in expanded files.


  • Download lists from versions older than 6.60 are not compatible.
  • Disabling unrar in the watch lists doesn't work
  • The "Pause Download during UnRAR/Repair" option under Options/Performance is always enabled, cannot disable.
  • Manually entered group as a Watch List filter does not work. Can only choose Group of Group folders here.
  • NBRemote hangs on last file when displaying files list
  • NBRemote does not work with trial keys
  • Cannot drag and drop groups in the Groups tab for ordering
  • Need to add support for .REV files
  • Drag and Drop to order the Groups list in the Groups tab is not hooked up, nor can you column sort the groups. Workaround is to edit the .nbi file directly.
  • There have been reports that Newsbin isn't saving the correct renamed files to descript.ion file.
    Newsbin renames the file on disk and then lands the file. Without re-writing the descript.ion, there's no way to fix this.
  • Works on Windows XP and newer.
  • Crosspost filters in the Add Groups dialog are not hooked up.

    Our Beta Support Forum has current discussions about this beta release.

    If you have an issue not addressed in the forums, please contact Newsbin Technical Support

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