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Newsbin 6.70 Final, April 28, 2016


- No longer runs on Windows XP!!! Stay with 6.62 or below if you are still running XP or Windows Server 2003.
- If upgrading from a version prior to 6.60, you should clear your current download, failed, and wish lists before trying the beta.


  • Re-wrote the download engine. No longer pauses download during unrar.
  • Moved spam filtering logic into a dll to allow patching without having to perform a release.
  • Changes to how and when the configuration gets auto-saved. Trying to minimize potential for corruption with unexpected exits.
  • Added ability to apply a filter on Poster (From Field) in a Filter Profile.

Changes in
this Version

Version 6.70 Final Build 4600, April 28, 2016

  • Modify installer to block installation on Windows XP, 2003, or older OS's
  • Final build for release


Version 6.70 Release Candidate 2 Build 4599, April 25, 2016

  • Fixed "Use internal RAR timestamps" option.
  • Fixed issue handling posts with missing filenames
  • Fixed issue where expanded download progress bars weren't going gray when completed as intended
  • Fixed issue where posts with missing blocks were sometimes getting through as complete when they weren't
  • Tweaked the completion function. It was calling files with missing chunks complete pre-maturely.

Version 6.70 Release Candidate 1 Build 4597, April 15, 2016

  • Fixed issue with QPMS assembly when case changes in filename
  • Installer upgraded to NSIS 3.0 RC1
  • Fixed Sonarr and SickBeard remote interfaces

Version 6.70 Beta 11 Build 4594, April 12, 2016

  • Hooked up the feature to prevent downloads while unraring to be used if there are performance issues.
  • Hooked up Filter profiles for watches.
  • Fixed issue with the selected count in the Post list wasn't incrementing.
  • Fixed issue where header downloads weren't stopping even when deleted from the download list.
  • Fixed issue where an empty watch list entry could gate the processing of the rest of the watch lists.
  • Made a change to prevent download from starting until after the download list completes loading at startup.
  • Removed \r\n in NNTP Command messages in the Logging tab, was making logs difficult to navigate.
  • Made change to Watch Scan, it was clearing partial results between groups during a scan.
  • Cosmetic change to add some space between the SSL port and the explanation on the Server Options page.

Version 6.70 Beta 10 Build 4576, April 1, 2016

  • Fixed issue where the selected item size was incorrect when selecting expanded file entries in post list.
  • Fixed issue where header downloads sometimes show two partial files when new data is loaded.
  • Fixed issue where changing the sonarr unrar path wasn't taking immediate effect
  • Fixed the "Show posts older" feature. Was broken.
  • Made the search entry field wider in files list.
  • Hooked up search history in files list.
  • Tuning of partial download assembly and autopar for handling certain odd cases better.
  • Improved how new headers from a fresh header download are displayed.
  • Switched back to 1024 for free space calculation to better match what windows reports. Hard drive manufacturers are using 1000.
  • Changed description on options dialog for Remote NZB to clarify use of either API key OR Username/Password, not both.
  • Made change so closing group properties now triggers an NBI Save.
  • Added configuration item for the auto assembly threshold in the .nbi file. In the [AUTORAR] section, it is the "AssembleThreshold" variable. Default is 95%.

Version 6.70 Beta 9 Build 4557, March 22, 2016

  • Changed "Assemble Incompletes" option to force assembly of any file that has at least one chunk downloaded.
  • Fixed compaction issue with some rar/par sets.
  • Fixed issue with some packets getting lost on very high speed connections. Needs more testing.
  • Fixed issue using remote NZB interface pertaining to certain NZB filenames.
  • Changes to improve missing status text for failed list. It's better but some are still missing when pushed hard.

Version 6.70 Beta 8 Build 4544, March 17, 2016

  • Fixed issue where any files still in the download list when Newsbin is shut down get sent to the Failed List as a duplicate on restart.
  • Fixed issue where disabling the main NZB Filter but then enabling the autoload NZB Filter doesn't filter properly.
  • Fixed issue where NZB Autoload wasn't adding to top of the list.
  • Fixed issue accepting NZB files from Sonaar
  • Make change so large local search performas a repaint.
  • Allow local search to include groups that are not selected in the Groups List. This is how it used to work.
  • Fixed issue where files downloaded from an NZB weren't getting marked as downloaded.
  • Reverted to how selected/deslected groups were handled in the Groups list in prior versions.
  1. Header downloads using the Update button only act on groups that are selected.
  2. Search (either Local or Internet) acts on all groups in the Groups list whether selected or not.
  3. Header download on a Group Folder will only update groups in the Group Folder that are selected.
  • Fixed issue where having other folders in the NZB load folder prevented NZB Loading.
  • Fixed an issue where loading a folder of images results in an out of order sorting.

Version 6.70 Beta 7 Build 4531, March 11, 2016

  • Moved Group Folder selecter to the left of the filters.
  • Fixed issue where inactive groups weren't getting loaded up when Local Search was used.
  • Fixed issue with Local search not showing search progress.
  • Fixed issue where font changes weren't persisting between restarts.
  • Fixed issue where adding a file to the download list wasn't getting tagged properly
  • Fixed issue when files are removed from the download list, they weren't getting unqueued properly
  • Fixed issue where files could get marked "Downloaded" but not also marked "old"
  • Change so doing a ctrl-r will mark a post old but not downloaded
  • Fixed the NZB Size filter
  • Fixed issue where incomplete NZB's weren't properly tagged
  • Fixed issue loading gzipped NZB's
  • Fixed issue with read post body embedding some nulls in the text after rars are parsed.
  • Fixed issue where existing search results weren't getting tagged as downloaded

Version 6.70 Beta 6 Build 4515, March 2, 2016

  • Fixed issue where incorrect error message could be shown if a connection fails when using Search.
  • Added error reporting if Internet Search cannot connect to the server.
  • Fixed column sort on Status. It wasn't behaving consistently.
  • Fixed issue where selecting hide old in an existing post list was only hiding the currently displayed items.
  • Fixed issue when adding a file to the download list when Newsbin is paused, it wasn't displaying the correct files when expanded.
  • Fixed issue where Local search can get spurious entries if you clear the search filter.
  • Fixed issue when opening a new "Search In Groups" from the group list right click menu, it wasn't setting the Group Folder name in the new window.

Version 6.70 Beta 5 Build 4508, February 13, 2016

  • Fix issue with watch lists remembering sort order.
  • Fixed issue where ctrl-Y wasn't showing the bypass icon in the download list.
  • Now sorts processed NZB files when using the automation interface.
  • Fixed issue where Assemble incompletes wasn't always kicking in.
  • Fixed issue processing files that start with "con.". They will fail to be created during download.
  • Seems to be an odd windows issue. The fix was to map them to "con_"
  • Generating a new watch from the search tab now copies all the settings from search.
  • Fixed issue where the speed guage reading was about 10% high
  • Made changes to periodically clean up the "good" list in AutoPAR. Now keeps the newest 5 downloads across restarts.
  • Fixed issue where not all downloaded headers were showing up in the post list.
  • Fixed issue where header downloads weren't using the server colors.
  • Fixed issue where large search based downloads don't always show "part01.rar" as the primary file.
  • Sped up startup time when you have a large files list. Like > 10,000 items.
  • Fixed the files list search function. Works on filename, path and subject
  • Fixed issue where the Find in files list wasn't scrolling to the top most item.
  • Fixed issue with filter file sizes not applying consistently.
  • Fixed issue with NZB Filename cleaner cleaning a bit too much.
  • Fixed issue with Ctrl-Y not forcing a re-download
  • Fixed issue where Ctrl-R was feeding binary to the output file resulting in much larger files than they should be.
  • Updated the banner on the Watch List rescan dialog.
  • Fixed issue where Watch re-scan won't work in local mode if you don't specify a topic.
  • Watch List re-scan now obeys any set age limit.

Version 6.70 Beta 4 Build 4496, January 29, 2016

  • Fixed issue where column sorting in the files list makes them vanish.
  • Changes to how dynamic download path is determined in order to fix issues $(SEARCH) and $(FILENAME) path variables.
  • Added logic to make writes to the .nbi file and the rar passwords file more robust.
  • Fixed issue where unrar wasn't generating empty folders that were specified inside the RAR set.
  • Fixed issue where PAR only sets weren't clearing the download list even when files are perfect.
  • Unraring a file now applies 2 timestamps to the extracted files. "Created" is the date of download. "Date" is the date of the file inside the rar.
  • Fixed issue where RAR and Repair progress bars weren't using different colors.
  • Fixed issue where "Assemble Incompletes" wasn't kicking in when it should.
  • Fixed issue where NZB Files are using "Placeholder" for the group when queued using drag and drop.
  • Fixed the "Time to Finish Current Downloads" counter in the Status Bar at the bottom of the Newsbin window.
  • Fixed issue where the LoadSpecial function wasn't respecting the max age setting.
  • Made change the password manager. Hitting enter is like clicking "Add New" instead of "Ok".
  • Fixed issue processing uuencoded posts.
  • Made changes to better handle split rar/par sets, where the par files are posted separately from the rar files.
  • Re-write of the Watch List Scan window. Comes up when you click the "Test Watch" button.

Version 6.70 Beta 3 Build 4482, January 19, 2016

  • New feature, can now add filtering on Poster in a Filter Profile.
  • Tweaked the Options window size.
  • Fixed issue with "Register Newsbin..." menu option displaying on startup even when registered.
  • Changed path logic to make variable substitutions both before and after the download.
  • Fixed issue when you disable the filters, the posts that would have been filtered were untagged.
  • Fixed issue with the scheduler not saving changes.
  • Fixed issue with the scripts options not saving changes.
  • Fixed Hide old when used with Search.
  • Fixed Hide Old in watch lists.
  • Fixed issue where poster filter could not be removed if it was a keyword lockout and not full poster lockout.
  • Fixed issue where Files list entries from Search don't were not showing the actual group.
  • Fixed issue when performing Search with $(GROUP) in the path, "Placeholder" was getting used instead of the group name
  • Now allows CBZ and CBR files to be compacted when QPMS (Master Splitter with PAR files) encoded.
  • Made change so that when 98% of the PAR blocks are in place, Newsbin will start downloading PARS.
  • Fixed Hide Old, wasn't working if filters were turned off.
  • Fixed crash issue on rescan when using header based watches.
  • Fixed issue with MessageIdFilter. It wasn't hooked up and instead it was applying "Download Folder" in place of the message-id filter.

Version 6.70 Beta 2 Build 4471, January 11, 2016

  • Fixed issue that occured if you restart with files in the download list originating from NZB files and had the $(NZBFILE) download path variable defined.
  • Fixed issue where local searches were resetting the new file counters.
  • Changes to how and when the configuration gets auto-saved. Trying to minimize potential for corruption with unexpected exits.
  • Sped up the "Purge to Display Age" function by adding an index to the database. First load of posts will be slow because of the new index.
  • Fixed issue running under Wine which was preventing unrar if you use the same path for download and unrar.
  • Fixed issue downloading full NZB from Sickbeard
  • Installed new engine. No longer pauses download during unrar.
  • Split out spam filtering stuff into a dll, LibFileType32.dll or LibFileType64.dll
  • Fixed issue processing rar sets with random PAR filenames.
  • Fixed handling corrupt PAR files missing a PARid. Would cause the download to leave the download list prematurely.
  • When an unrar fails, all files are added to the bad list to cause the Repair DLL to force a rescan of all the files. Made change to catch rare cases where the data changed between writing and repair.

Version 6.70 Beta 1 (there was no Beta 1)

  • Started as a 6.63 release. With re-write of download engine, decided to make it a 6.70 release


  • Download lists from versions older than 6.60 are not compatible.
  • Report that utf8 and unicode posts are not displaying correctly, i.e. Korean groups
  • Disabling unrar in the watch lists doesn't work
  • Manually entered group as a Watch List filter does not work. Can only choose Group of Group folders here.
  • NBRemote hangs on last file when displaying files list
  • NBRemote does not work with trial keys
  • Cannot drag and drop groups in the Groups tab for ordering
  • Need to add support for .REV files
  • Drag and Drop to order the Groups list in the Groups tab is not hooked up, nor can you column sort the groups. Workaround is to edit the .nbi file directly.
  • There have been reports that Newsbin isn't saving the correct renamed files to descript.ion file.
    Newsbin renames the file on disk and then lands the file. Without re-writing the descript.ion, there's no way to fix this.
  • Works on Windows 7 and newer. (It does run on Vista but that operating system is not recommended)
  • Crosspost filters in the Add Groups dialog are not hooked up.

    Our Beta Support Forum has current discussions about this beta release.

    If you have an issue not addressed in the forums, please contact Newsbin Technical Support

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