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Version 6.90

Released March 4, 2022

Trial Version

Ten day free trial. Entering a registration key turns this into the registered version. Works on 64 bit systems only. If you still have 32 bit Windows, download 6.82.

Trial Download
Registered Users

Performs an upgrade and preserves existing configuration and current registration. If you still have 32 bit Windows, download 6.82. Please read the special Upgrade Note below.

Extended Trial Offer!

Request a Newsbin Trial Key which will give you FREE access to Newsbin and the Internet Search service for 15 days. You can turn the trial key into a lifetime key by signing up for any of our Internet Search tiers of service.

Previous Versions: If you are looking for an older version of Newsbin, check the Newsbin Archives.

License Agreement: The Newsbin License Agreement can be viewed here.


    Version 6.90 New Feature Information

  • Bug fixes to 6.82.
  • Version 6.90 does not run on Windows XP or Windows 2003. Version 6.73 is the last version that did. Available on the Archives Page
  • Improved support for obfuscated posts
  • Now has 7zip support
  • Read the release notes included in the installer for more details

  • NOTE:
    If you are upgrading from a version prior to 6.60, the database that tracks the Download List, Failed Files List, and Wish List changed.
    This means you should clear your current download list, failed files list, and wish list before installing 6.90 IF you are currently running something older than 6.60. If you wish to bring your Download List or Wish List forward from a pre-6.60 version, use the Save to NZB option and then import the resulting NZB into the new version.


Download List Compatability

  • If you are running a version prior to 6.60 before upgrading, you should clear your download list, failed files list, and wish list before upgrading to 6.82. Files queued for download in versions prior to 6.60 will not display.
  • Note: Version 6.82 will NOT run on Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, or Windows XP.


Newsbin is available in many languages!

Supported Languages:

Chinese Czech Danish
Dutch French German
Italian Japanese Korean
Norwegian Polish Portuguese
Romanian Serbian Slovak
Spanish Swedish Thai

These translations are available due to the hard work of many volunteers. Not all translations are complete. Check our Translation Wiki to see the status of your language. If your language is not 100%, consider volunteering to help translate it.


  • New to Usenet
  • Using Newsbin for the First Time
  • Installation Guide
  • Documentation is available.
  • Visit our forums for extra help and information using Version 6.
  • Technical Support is available via our technical support request form.
  • Installers are Internet based. A version of the installer containing the executable files is available here.
  • Uninstalling Newsbin: The installer includes an uninstaller program. To uninstall, go to the Windows Start menu, select "Newsbin6" then select "Uninstall". The uninstaller gives you an opportunity to provide comments back to us and will fully remove Newsbin from your system.
My ex-husband introduced me to it years ago and he has left so I got my own subscription. N.H., Leander, TX - March 6, 2016