NewsBin Pro Version 4.3 Tutorials


Looking for Version 5 Tutorials?

Newsbin, Step 1: Getting Started

Adding your newsgroup server
Adding groups

Newsbin, Step 2: Downloading Basics - Part 1

Header downloads
Post / file downloads

Newsbin Step 2(b): Downloading Basics - Part 2 

Multiple downloads
Queue List

Newsbin Step 3: Advanced Setup 

Adding secondary servers
Prioritizing servers
Configuring a slave server

Newsbin Step 4: Msgid Support 

Using .bns or .nzb files
Associating .bns & .nzb files with Newsbin Pro

Newsbin Step 5: Par2 Feature 

Using Par2 feature to download associated Parts

  *Requirements: These tutorials require Macromedia Flash Player to run.

Thanks to Matt for putting the tutorials together!